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Friday, February 13, 2009

Zelda 2009

Well, Miamato says that there will be a zelda 2009 and a new super peach or mario game coming too. A lot of people doubt that it will come out because Zelda Twilight Princess was made in like 3 years. Well, the reason all that cool beta stuff was tooken out and the reason wh we had a delay is because the game was raited teen due to blood, the storyline and all that. It wasn't for kids so the remade the whole game. Now they would have had the game ready in about a year and a half if they didn't get the delay so I guess that the new zelda 2009 will come out in late 2009 if they make no mistake or if they don't need to delay the game or, in the early 2010. What do ou think?


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