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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Zelda OoT Beta

This thread is about the beta in Zelda OoT. I've found some screenshots about it and noticed a couple of things about the screenshots:

Textures look like Zelda TP. But this really doesn't fit the zelda OoT style.

This looks like link is milking a cow and it looks really fake. Nintendo probably was just testing stuff around.

Looks like a beta Deku Tree dungeon and the blue smoke is different. Probably the death of a enemy or a special powr link was able to do.

Another image of the beta dungeon but in the back ground there are windows with a cool light effect. Maybe its not the deku tree.

A beta graveyard. Looks like they were just testing and building up a graveyard here. Nothing too special but the fact that this looks like its in a dessert.

A beta Stalfos room. This room can be accsesd through the debug rom. has a cool light effect from the windows and the windows look like triforces.

Beta link close up looks a lot better than our link. His hair is more dirty blonde and he's in some wierd testing room

A beta sign post looks a lot more like a medival sign post but if you close up, it actually says something. Also, to me, link looks more chubby in this picture and it looks like a cave that leads to the inside of death mountian.

This one got me wondering. This girl is the one in Koroki Forest that teaches you to target. And if you look at the map, it has a totally different design.

Same girl just different camera view.

The legendary blue fairy. She's still in the game data and she looks like a normal fairy. The way she gives you whatever upgrade looks cooler and from what I think, she gives you the sword beam attack.
I'll make a new post as a continuation of this theme. Also, I've been trying to find a debug rom. Can someone give me a download link?


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