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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most people don't finish videogames?

To be honest I find that sort of a let down. Developers put so much effort into making the games be complete when 80 percent of people don't even get there. I don't know about you guys but I beat every game I ever had even shrek for gamecube which was a decent game. Only game I never beat was when I was a kid playing the N64, there was a bowling game on it that I never got myself to beat only keep replaying the same levels but Im pretty sure that was because you couldn't save.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Zelda 2009

Well, Miamato says that there will be a zelda 2009 and a new super peach or mario game coming too. A lot of people doubt that it will come out because Zelda Twilight Princess was made in like 3 years. Well, the reason all that cool beta stuff was tooken out and the reason wh we had a delay is because the game was raited teen due to blood, the storyline and all that. It wasn't for kids so the remade the whole game. Now they would have had the game ready in about a year and a half if they didn't get the delay so I guess that the new zelda 2009 will come out in late 2009 if they make no mistake or if they don't need to delay the game or, in the early 2010. What do ou think?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Boss AI Template (wc3)

Well, I've seen many people having problems with bosses so I made a very simple leakless template that works. The boss cannot be used 2 times at the same time. This map has a reigon that needs to be imported, the reigon used there is just for a effect and for the boss area. This template was perfectly made by me and here are the stages:
Enter: When you enter 500 from the boss, he gains 40 life for every unit leaving and entering the area of the unit. Also, every 10 seconds, the boss summons 3 golems that last 15 seconds.

Stage 1: When the boss has 75% of his life, he gets brilliance aura, enduranc aura, evasion and casts war stomp. Also after every 2 seconds, the boss gets 15 life.

Stage 2: When the boss has 50% life, he gets beserk, bash and he casts banish on a random unit in 400. Also, every 2 seconds, he deals 50 damage to random 6 units in 500 from the boss.

Stage 3: When the boss has 25% of his life, he has 5 seconds to get 50% life unless he dies. He also deals 50 damage to random 4 units in 400 every 1 second.

Final Breath: When the boss dies, he deals 500 damage to all units in 500 from him.

Have fun.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Warcraft 3 Terrain

Got board at home and no one could come over so I started terraining. Well, these are a couple of screenshots from photobucket.

To see these images, just copy a row of text and paste it were you write the web and enter. You will see the image in a pretty big size.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Zelda 2009

There's a new zelda coming up in 2009 with no name yet. Well, from what I see, nintendo still can't post a screenshot and its already 2009. This zelda is supposed to be better than OoT(ocarina of time). Now at this post, we talk about what you want in this game of zelda. What I want is the beta forest and the unicorn fountian with the blue fairy. I really liked the beta forest which had to be deleted because of the story line. It wouldn't get high ratings and it wouldn't be for kids.

StarCarft 2 Talk

Well, Star Craft 2 is coming up and this post is made to talk about it and say what you expect or want. For me, I want a really good world editor and a good model format so our custom models look better in game.

Good Gaming Websites

Here are some really good gaming websites: = a good warcraft 3 website = a good warcraft 3 website = a good wc3 website = a good free arcade games website = a good arcade gaming website = a good search engine = a good guideing website for games = good forums for games.

If there's anything else you guys want me to put up, just post it.

Zelda OoT Finding the Triforce

Zelda ocarina of Time Triforce: 10 years since the game came out and people are still finding secrets in the game. Well, my brother isn't the only person who found the triforce before the exact same way so here is what you have to do: First, just when you enter the royal tomb(as young link the first time your in Kakariko Village) you get the sun's song and you walk back till you enter the first room of the tomb. A chest with bombs will fall.(why?) Nintendo won't make a secret were you don't get a clue of how to do it so there must be something to it. Go to the left middle of the wall and notice Navi turns green by one of the skull heads. Well, play the sun's song and a red fairy will go around you. What are these wierd red fairies? SOme sort of secrets? maybe, because this one is. Talk to the skeleton and it will say "Shine the Light on the living dead." Now why in the first room wwhen you can't even talk to this skeleton and you get the sun's song after this little skeleton. Now the way to make this skeleton talk is to play the sun's song. So we figure out to shine the light on the zombies after we get the song and leave the zombies room? And even more, you need to play the sun's song to make this skeleton talk. There has to be something. We need to put a bomb somewhere but where? Well, I don't know because my brother did this and after you beat the game, you forget about the game. If you want more proof, then go tho the right wall and talk to the skeleton leaning on the wall. He says "Does who rob the royal tomb will be infiltrated by the lurker's in the dark" Well that's nice to know. Why would nintendo put this here? Why would anyone care you'll be killed by the Lurker's in the dark? Well, the lurker's i the dark must be a gaurd or something guarding the triforce(my guess). I'm still trying to find the place to put the bomb and I don't trust the roms. They seem different from my N64 version. I might have the versions that let you get the triforce. From what I've heard 47% of the Zelda's OoT's sold in America won't let you get the triforce due to a glitch and same goes for 0.5% of the ones in Japan. Lucky Japanese get all the good stuff. Why won't they sell some in America and Canada? Well, if anyone finds anything, let me know at Wierd email right? Well, the messages from me are from John Polish Dude(I wasn't drunk or high when i did this. Just bored.

Here's a image of the alpha triforce:

Zelda OoT Beta

This thread is about the beta in Zelda OoT. I've found some screenshots about it and noticed a couple of things about the screenshots:

Textures look like Zelda TP. But this really doesn't fit the zelda OoT style.

This looks like link is milking a cow and it looks really fake. Nintendo probably was just testing stuff around.

Looks like a beta Deku Tree dungeon and the blue smoke is different. Probably the death of a enemy or a special powr link was able to do.

Another image of the beta dungeon but in the back ground there are windows with a cool light effect. Maybe its not the deku tree.

A beta graveyard. Looks like they were just testing and building up a graveyard here. Nothing too special but the fact that this looks like its in a dessert.

A beta Stalfos room. This room can be accsesd through the debug rom. has a cool light effect from the windows and the windows look like triforces.

Beta link close up looks a lot better than our link. His hair is more dirty blonde and he's in some wierd testing room

A beta sign post looks a lot more like a medival sign post but if you close up, it actually says something. Also, to me, link looks more chubby in this picture and it looks like a cave that leads to the inside of death mountian.

This one got me wondering. This girl is the one in Koroki Forest that teaches you to target. And if you look at the map, it has a totally different design.

Same girl just different camera view.

The legendary blue fairy. She's still in the game data and she looks like a normal fairy. The way she gives you whatever upgrade looks cooler and from what I think, she gives you the sword beam attack.
I'll make a new post as a continuation of this theme. Also, I've been trying to find a debug rom. Can someone give me a download link?